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Get Into Yoga.

Check out my blog if you want to know how I got into yoga this week, or even better watch me… with my video ‘bursts’!! Do more yoga yourself, with information on yoga poses, and how I like to teach them. Learn about useful breathing techniques, meditation and background information, including the Eight limbs of yoga. Check out when I’m teaching and where, on my ‘classes‘ tab. I’ll be working hard to bring you everything you need to understand the world of yoga and make yourself a true yogi. Yoga is growing, so join the trend, and find out why everyone is going on about it. The great thing is you can take it a little at a time. Begin with the postures, from there, your journey could literally take you anywhere.

If you are totally new to yoga, and you can’t make a class with me, find out more from these pages, on yoga poses, breath and yoga styles ;

Yoga poses
Yoga poses
get into yoga
yoga styles


I did my RYT 200 in 2013 after practicing yoga for more than 10 years. I was ready to bring yoga into my whole life, not just my exercise routine! Following the deep insights my fabulous teacher training at Bliss Living & Yoga, I was left wanting to inspire others, particularly new comers to get into yoga. Yoga is life long learning and I’m going to find articles to help improve your own practice, and provide learning for new or aspiring instructors.

I’ve lived in the Cayman islands for 6 years. Cayman is an energetic inspiring place, with heat, waves, wind and 180 degrees of sky, but in 2015 I’m switching sun, sea and sand…get into yoga

Get into yoga
Sun, sea and sand


…for mountains, fresh air and rivers.

Get into yoga
The fresh air calls


 I hope you can join me on my journey, or even visit me at one of my classes in Livinhac le Haut, in the south of France. I’m so looking forward to finding out what energy France can bring.

If, like me, you are a new yoga teacher… share your stories, and use my resources to inspire yourself and your students.

Leave comments, open discussions and help each other feel at home and Get Into Yoga!

4 thoughts on “Get Into Yoga”

  1. well done frankie,
    I look forward to seeing the site grow.
    And of course look forward to seeing you and the family as soon as possible.
    Lots of love and keep doing such a great job.

    1. Thanks Chris, it’s a lot of work, but I’m enjoying learning so much as I build it! Don’t forget to sign up for my monthly newsletter to hear what I’ve been up to!! :)

    1. Wow, Laura, that would be AWESOME! I’d love to do that. The village, Livinhac le Haut, is quite famous. It’s on a main hiking trail across France, ‘Le Chemin de St Jaques’. There is lots of reasonable accommodation in the village, and we are close to historic medieval villages such as the famous, ‘Conques’. There is a beautiful river, amazing hiking, cycling, swimming.. it would make a most wonderful sporting vacation retreat, and how wonderful if I could help plan, arrange and teach yoga! Yes Yes Yes!!!!

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